Kyoshi Patrick Donahue

Programs Offered


Kyoshi Donahue’s Private lessons, semi-private lessons and seminars to choose from


For Okinawan Karate-Do/Karate Jutsu

·      Any Shorin Ryu Kata and Bunkai

·      Any Goju Ryu Kata and Bunkai

·      Any body, mind or spirit problems around your practice. I will help make it easier to understand and help             you work through the drills that you are having a hard time owning.


For Aiki Ju Jutsu and/or Aikido

·      Similarities amongst the Aiki Arts

·      Questions about Aiki or Aiki Philosophy

·      Any and all techniques from Aikido (primarily Tomiki Ryu) or any of the older styles of Aikido.

·      Any Hakkoryu Ju Jutsu wasa up to Sandan, both saza (sitting knees) or tachi (standing)

·      Countless randori drills and matt fighting

·      Any free flow series


Firearms Training

·      Basic NRA pistol course (Certified NRA)

·      Home firearms safety NRA (Certified NRA)

·      Training in concealed carry and the laws around C.C.

·      Marksmanship (primarily pistol)

·      Other pistol classes custom designed 


Traditional Kobudo weapons

·      Bo-staff (6 foot)

·      Sai- metal spikes

·      Tunfa- 2 smashing sticks

·      Kama- 2 sickles

·      Eku Bo- paddle

·      Basic Katana (sword)- Ken Jutsu, Aiki Sword

·      Jo-staff (approximately 50”)

·      Boken- wooden sword staff

·      Tanto Jutsu (knife fighting) 


Koho Shiatsu massage and body work

·      Shiatsu 50 minutes to 1 hour Acupressure body work

·      Mixed Shiatsu Acupressure and Amma (Chinese muscle massage) 1.5 hours

·      EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulus) and Ultrasound also available

·      Nutrition counseling

·      Martial Arts Philosophy, 5 Element Theory, Metaphysics and Quantum Physics

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Upcoming Events

Shiatsu Massage Seminar February 15, 2017

Aikido and Hakko ryu Seminar February 25, 2017

Karate Seminar March 25, 2017