Kyoshi Patrick Donahue

Ushidashi (Special Apprentice)


Ushidashi option is available, two spots only, as of 5/30/16. What is an ushidashi?  An ushidashi is a very special live in apprentice.  The live in part is optional, by todays standards, but the training is not.  The training is almost daily and is very accelerated.  It is meant to set someone off on the right foot to run and teach at their own school.  

In approximately six years you will receive:

·      Shodan 1st black belt in Shorin Ryu (Okinawan karate)

·      Shodan 1st black belt in Kobudo (weapons)

·      Shodan 1st black belt in Aiki Budo (Ju Jutsu/Aikido)

·      Certified NRA basic pistol

·      Certified state of Massachusetts basic pistol

·      Proficiency in:

           Tanto Jutsu (knife fighting)

           Hakkoryu Ju Jutsu wasa Shodan-Sandan

·      Research:

           Goju Karate (option for Yudansha black belt)

           Tomiki Ryu Aikido

           5 Elements Theory

           Shiatsu Massage (learn one hour body work)

·      Dojo teaching technique

·      Dojo business: Help finding a place to teach or set up           private quarters to teach



















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